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About Market News

News is a key reason behind market movements. Some are short-term and knee-jerk reactions, others could have a prevailing effect.

We have included here news from reliable sources such as Market Watch, Investopedia and Nasdaq. These will give a trader a general feel of the positive/ negative news and sentiments of the market or stocks for the day. We recommend that traders scan through briefly on a regular basis before proceeding with any trade.

Following are the types of news that will generally move markets or stocks, which you should look out for in your related trade:

  1. Earnings
  2. Stock Splits
  3. Analyst Rating
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions
  5. Others - Several other news events are Share Buy Backs, Product Launches, FDA Approvals, Patent Approvals, Contract Commissions. Also not forgetting, Scandals, Alleged Fraud, Lawsuits, etc.
17-Jan 21:38Earnings Outlook: Netflix earnings should show fallout from new streaming rivals, preparations for more
Netflix Inc. endured the first wave of a competitive assault late last year, and financial results coming Tuesday will show how it was affected, and what it expects as it braces for a second wave in the spring.

17-Jan 21:32Market Snapshot: Stocks close at record highs again as rally rolls on into new year
U.S. stocks closed higher again Friday, ending the week at new record highs, helped by more data suggesting the economy and corporate profits are in good health, following at least a partial resolution of the U.S. - China trade dispute and the passage of the U.S., Mexico, Canada trade deal by Congress.

17-Jan 21:30The Moneyist: My father, 93, married 4 years ago. He didn’t make a will and has dementia — my stepmother says she now owns everything
‘She has included her friends, not us, in helping her with decisions made about Dad. I’m lost and don’t know what to do.’

17-Jan 21:23Personal Finance Daily: The world’s ‘happiest country’ also has one of the highest suicide rates — economists have a theory why, and how to go back in time and cash in on 2018 tax breaks before it’s too late
Friday’s top personal finance stories

17-Jan 21:13Where Should I Retire?: I’m 48, worth $3.5 million and fed up with New York City. I want to semi-retire to a warm city with great culture and food. Where should I go?
‘The thought of exploring new options and working for personal growth and creativity rather than for paychecks brings me joy,’ he writes.

17-Jan 21:12Market Extra: Which markets are closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (and which aren’t)?
U.S. stock and bond markets will be closed on Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, coming as Wall Street absorbs a record-setting rally for equities.

17-Jan 21:12Key Words: Man who made a killing during financial crisis says that, at some point, the stock market will slow down — but, till then, ‘I love riding a horse that’s running’
David Tepper is going to take his horse to the Old Town Road and ride till he can’t no more.

17-Jan 21:07Capitol Report: Here are the dates for this year’s presidential primaries and caucuses
It’s nearly kickoff time for this year’s presidential caucuses and primaries. Here is MarketWatch’s calendar of those nominating contests, as well as other significant dates including debates and the party’s conventions.

17-Jan 20:59Pace of new-home construction skyrockets in December to a 13-year high, but significant headwinds remain
Warmer-than-usual weather gave a boost to residential construction across the country.

17-Jan 20:56The No. 1 ‘happiest country’ in the world also has one of the highest suicide rates — economists have a theory why
Some 70% of people aged 15 to 64 have a paid job and 60% participate in adult education every year.

17-Jan 20:53Key Words: Martha McSally blasts CNN reporter Manu Raju as a ‘liberal’ hack for ‘simply doing his job’
CNN reporter Manu Raju asked Sen. Martha McSally a question and she wasn’t having it.

17-Jan 20:45The Moneyist: My stepmother and father gave me $16K, but after my dad died she said she needs it back — should I give it to her?
‘She argues that it would be considered hiding money by the probate court.’

17-Jan 20:45The ‘best job in America’ pays $105,000 — and you’ve probably never heard of it
‘Because of the stiff competition to recruit and retain this talent, more companies are investing in their employees’ experiences at work,’ says Amanda Stansell, senior economic research analyst at Glassdoor.

17-Jan 20:42The Wall Street Journal: Boeing finds new software problem with 737 MAX that may delay return to air
Boeing Co. said it is grappling with a new software headache before its 737 MAX can return to service, a problem industry and government officials said prevents the jet’s flight-control computers from powering up as required prior to flight.

17-Jan 20:38The Moneyist: ‘I feel betrayed.’ My husband is splitting his estate between me and his daughter — should I find another man?
‘I can’t help but think that — even though I am now 63 — there may be a man out there looking for someone to marry and have as his family.’

17-Jan 20:38A former Silicon Valley ‘party animal’ gets hit with a $31 million hangover
Venture capitalist Michael Rothenberg must pay millions to settle allegations by the SEC.

17-Jan 20:37Tax Guy: How to go back in time and cash in on 2018 tax breaks before it’s too late
‘Tax extenders’ legislation retroactively resurrected tax breaks for 2018 — here’s how to claim them.

17-Jan 20:36Credit scores in America just hit a record high — now for the bad news
A new report from Experian found that the average FICO Score in the U.S. reached an all-time high in 2019 of 703.

17-Jan 20:35Meghan and Harry are starting a foundation, but they may be opening a Pandora’s box
The Sussexes say they want to forge their own financial path away from the royal family, and launch a ‘new charitable entity.’

17-Jan 20:34The Moneyist: ‘We’re in a happier place now!’ My husband wrote a secret will when our marriage was rocky — should I now write one too?
‘I do not know what is in this will, but it’s still current and in his brother’s possession.’

17-Jan 20:30The Wall Street Journal: Suspected white supremacists from Maryland and Delaware said to have discussed opening fire at pro-gun rally in Virginia
Three suspected white supremacists arrested in Maryland and Delaware this week had discussed opening fire from different positions at Monday’s planned pro-gun rally in Richmond, Va., in the hopes of causing chaos, law-enforcement officials said.

17-Jan 20:18Commodities Corner: Why palladium prices keep hitting new highs and rhodium has already rallied by over 40% this year
The year is young but two commodities have already posted impressive gains, with palladium extending its run of record highs and rhodium climbing more than 40% in the first few weeks of 2020.

17-Jan 20:12Mark Hulbert: This retailer’s IPO plan exposes a hard truth about privately owned companies
Privately held firms don’t necessary perform better than public ones, writes Mark Hulbert.

17-Jan 20:12‘Eyebrow lamination’ sales have surged 2,500% in six months, new data show
The quest for model-like eyebrows has hit the masses as more beauty fiends opt for “eyebrow lamination.”

17-Jan 20:11FA Center: This portfolio hedge against volatile U.S.-Iran tensions is better than gold
Stock market put options and Treasurys can be less costly and more effective than gold, writes Mark Hulbert.

17-Jan 20:04Where Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg and the leading 2020 Democrats stand on climate change
The field of Democrats looking to beat President Donald Trump this year — including the six on the stage Tuesday night — are aligned in their pledge to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. Most candidates want to end new fossil-fuel leasing on public lands and several are critical of fracking. A few have latched onto the Green New Deal.

17-Jan 20:02Futures Movers: Oil futures suffer a second weekly decline
Oil futures tack on a few cents Friday, but register a loss for a second week in a row, as traders continue to weigh the prospects for energy demand in the wake of the China-U.S. trade deal on Wednesday and Senate approval of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade pact on Thursday.

17-Jan 20:00Commodities Corner: Natural-gas futures drop to their lowest levels since 2016
Natural-gas futures drop on Friday, with forecasts for milder weather conditions sending prices to their lowest levels since May 2016.

17-Jan 19:59The Tell: Stock market is “eerily reminiscent of January 2018” when stocks suffered rapid correction, technical analyst says
Make no mistake, this market move is not normal, and is not something which should be able to continue technically into and through February without a major hiccup, according to technical analyst Mark Newton

17-Jan 19:49The Margin: Watch the video that blew the lid off the House Astros pitch-stealing scheme
A remarkable video from Jomboy Media clearly shows how the Houston Astros stole signs in a game against the Chicago White Sox in 2017.

17-Jan 19:47Earnings Watch: Earnings recession set to end with a fourth-quarter comeback
The earnings recession of 2019 will soon be over, as history suggests investors can count on a fourth-quarter comeback that flips the earnings growth outlook to positive from negative.

17-Jan 19:30IPO Report: Casper Sleep’s IPO expected to test appetite for loss-making unicorns
Mattress and sleep accessories company is going public on the NYSE, but it needs to convince investors it’s not just another Uber, Lyft or gulp, WeWork.

17-Jan 19:23Key Words: Yes, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk does have an idea about how to fix Twitter
Jack Dorsey asked Elon Musk how to fix Twitter. Here’s what he said.

17-Jan 19:21Next Avenue: 7 rules to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and keep your brain healthy
Research finds that living a brain-healthy lifestyle may reduce your risk for cognitive decline.

17-Jan 19:11Key Words: ’Are you f—ing kidding me?’ Monica Lewinsky appears to respond to Ken Starr’s joining the Trump defense team
Starr’s investigation exposed President Clinton’s relationship with Lewinsky, leading to his 1998 impeachment

17-Jan 19:02Metals Stocks: Gold futures gain for the session, but end little changed for the week
Gold futures moved higher Friday, but the yellow metal barely budges for the week as stocks rallied to all-time highs, helping to undercut some demand for assets perceived as havens.

17-Jan 18:59One industry replaced over half of its CEOs with women in 2019
Men replaced women in 131 cases in 2019, while women replaced men in 189 cases, according to a new study.

17-Jan 18:05Top Ten: Weekend reads: Tesla bulls run over the bears
Also, the importance of timing, even if you pick promising 5G stocks.

17-Jan 17:51Trump Today: Trump accuses Democrats of shutting Sanders campaign out through impeachment trial
President Donald Trump on Friday accused Democrats of trying to weaken Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the party’s presidential nomination as he and other senators prepare to act as jurors in Trump's impeachment trial.

17-Jan 17:48Outside the Box: 10 tips for retirees who want to start their own business
Ready to leave your job but don’t want to retire?

17-Jan 17:43One Medical is going public: 5 things to know about the primary-care startup
One Medical, a direct primary-care provider, has filed for its initial public offering, trading under the name 1Life Healthcare Inc.

17-Jan 17:36Deep Dive: Afraid of sky-high stock valuations? These ‘Dividend Aristocrats’ have yields over 3%
The group is known as a growth investment, but they provide steady income too.

17-Jan 17:36Deep Dive: Big banks’ businesses are improving, putting their stocks in a sweet spot
The group’s valuations are very cheap relative to the S&P 500.

17-Jan 17:27The number of Americans drinking themselves to death has more than doubled
And binge-drinkers are sipping more alcohol on average, especially in these 9 states

17-Jan 17:15Key Words: Eminem draws fire with new music referencing the 2017 Manchester bombing and Las Vegas shooting
The Detroit rapper encouraged viewers to vote for stricter gun control laws in his “Darkness” music video.

17-Jan 17:00NewsWatch: From a U.S. stock surge to a bursting of China’s triple bubble, here are 10 possible shockers for 2020, according to Credit Suisse
The Credit Suisse global strategy team’s annual surprise predictions include a surge in U.S. stocks and a bursting of the Chinese bubble.

17-Jan 16:51Comcast announces Peacock streaming service with free, subscription options
The streaming wars added another corporate combatant Thursday when Comcast Corp. offered details on Peacock, scheduled to debut April 15 for Comcast customers and July 15 for everyone else.

17-Jan 16:45San Francisco 49ers hope to score big with digital dashboard of fan data
Built on top of data collected by SAP analytics cloud and resembling an air-traffic control room, the team’s Executive Huddle service is housed in a suite at Levi’s amid popcorn, drinks, and assorted snacks.

17-Jan 16:40Capitol Report: Trump’s impeachment: Here’s what happens next as White House receives summons
An impeachment trial in the Senate is expected to start in earnest on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said President Donald Trump gets until 6 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday to respond to a summons.

17-Jan 16:39Security guards in world famous Harrods store could go on strike
The store’s security officers and video surveillance operators, members of the U.K.’s biggest union, Unite, have begun voting on strike action.

17-Jan 06:34How Safe Is Venmo and Is It Free?
Learn how Venmo, one of the most popular apps in the peer-to-peer payments space, actually works. You will learn what it is, what the fees are, how it makes money and more.

17-Jan 04:25Public Limited Company (PLC) Definition
The acronym PLC for public limited company indicates that shares in the firm are publicly traded. It is the British equivalent of the U.S. "Inc."

17-Jan 01:08Trickle-Down Effect Definition
The trickle-down effect is a marketing and advertising term that suggests trends from the upper-class will flow down to the lower-class.

17-Jan 00:49Waterfall Payment: Definition
A waterfall payment is a plan where higher-tiered creditors receive interest and principal payments and lower-tiered creditors receive only interest.

17-Jan 00:47Compugen Stock Rebounds After Analyst Sees 60% Upside
Compugen shares rebounded Thursday after Cantor Fitzgerald initiated coverage with an Overweight rating and a $10 price target.

16-Jan 23:15Lift Off
Indexes dramatically launched to new highs while sector allocations show mixed strategies. Is NextEra a utility company or a growth stock?

16-Jan 23:05Account Settlement Definition
An account settlement can be a payment that zeros an account balance or the offsetting of balances between two parties.

16-Jan 22:54Federal Call
A federal call occurs when an investor's margin account lacks sufficient equity to meet the initial margin requirement for new, or initial, purchases.

16-Jan 22:26Morgan Stanley Stock Gaps Higher on Earnings
The investment banking giant reported solid quarterly results, driven in part by strength in its wealth management division.

16-Jan 22:19Homeowners Insurance Definition
Homeowners insurance covers losses and damage to an owner's residence, furnishings, and other possessions, as well as providing liability protection..

16-Jan 22:19Interest Rate Future
An interest rate future is a financial contract between the buyer and seller agreeing to the future delivery of any interest-bearing asset.

16-Jan 22:14Commodity Market Definition
A commodity market is a physical or virtual marketplace for buying, selling, and trading raw or primary products.

16-Jan 21:16Futures Contract
A futures contract is a standardized agreement to buy or sell the underlying commodity or asset at a specific price at a future date.

16-Jan 21:12Single Monthly Mortality (SMM)
Single monthly mortality (SMM) is the amount of principal on mortgage-backed securities that is prepaid in a given month.

16-Jan 21:07Futures Exchange Definition
A futures exchange is a central marketplace, physical or electronic, where futures contracts and options on futures contracts are traded.

16-Jan 21:04Asset Protection Trust Definition (APT)
An asset protection trust (APT) is a financial-planning vehicle for holding an individual's assets to shield them from creditors.

16-Jan 21:02Gap Risk
Gap risk is the risk that a stock's price will fall dramatically between the closing price and the next day's opening price.

16-Jan 20:28Certificate of Deposit (CD) Definition & How CDs Work
Certificates of deposit (CDs) pay more interest than standard savings accounts. Find the highest nationally available rates for each CD term here from federally insured banks and credit unions.

16-Jan 20:23Harami Cross Definition and Example
A harami cross is a candlestick pattern that consists of a large candlestick followed by a doji. Sometimes it signals the start of a trend reversal.

16-Jan 19:25Future Value of an Annuity Definition
The future value of an annuity is the total value of a series of recurring payments at a specified date in the future.

16-Jan 19:10Series 53 Definition
The Series 53 exam is a licensing test that permits an individual to supervise the municipal securities activities of a securities firm or bank dealer.

16-Jan 19:005-Year Rule Definition
The five-year rule deals with withdrawals from Roth and traditional IRAs.

16-Jan 18:49Present Value of an Annuity Definition
The present value of an annuity is the current value of future payments from that annuity, given a specified rate of return or discount rate.

16-Jan 18:19Commitment Fee Definition
Lenders charge borrowers a commitment fee as compensation for keeping a line of credit open or to guarantee a loan at a specific date in the future.

16-Jan 18:06Revenue Ton Mile Definition
A revenue ton mile is an important metric in the transport industry that measures the amount of freight shipped and how far it's moved.

16-Jan 17:49Eurocommercial Paper Definition
Eurocommercial paper (ECP) is an unsecured, short-term loan issued by a bank or corporation in the international money market.

16-Jan 17:21Transportation Stocks Overdue for a Major Downturn
The transportation index fund hasn't gained ground in nine months despite a strong bounce into 2020.

16-Jan 16:55Can IBM Stock Enter New Uptrend?
Market players remain skeptical about IBM's long-term outlook ahead of next week's earnings report.

16-Jan 16:37Redfin Stock Breaks Out on Bullish Analyst Commentary
Redfin shares moved sharply higher during Wednesday's session after industry reports showed robust mortgage and refi growth.

16-Jan 16:26Gartley Pattern Definition
The Gartley pattern is a harmonic chart pattern, based on Fibonacci numbers and ratios, that helps traders identify reaction highs and lows.

16-Jan 16:10Vertical Merger Definition
A vertical merger is the merger of two or more companies that provide different supply chain functions for a common good or service.

16-Jan 15:49Outside Reversal Definition
Outside reversal is a chart pattern that shows when a security’s high and low price for the day exceed those achieved in the prior day’s trading session.

16-Jan 15:31Best Student Loans Without a Cosigner
If you need private student loans to cover your education costs, you'll likely need a cosigner. Learn about what options you have.

16-Jan 05:30Trade Working Capital Definition
Trade working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities directly associated with everyday business operations.

16-Jan 03:33Adjusted Gross Estate Definition
Adjusted gross estate is the net worth of a deceased person’s estate after deducting the cost of outstanding debts and administrative costs.

16-Jan 03:15How Stock Options Are Taxed & Reported
The tax rules for stock options are complex. If you receive stock options, talk with your tax advisor to determine how these tax rules affect you.

16-Jan 02:26Conservatorship Definition
Conservatorship is when a court appoints someone to manage an incapacitated person or minor's financial and personal affairs.

16-Jan 01:46Transferable Letter of Credit Definition
A transferable letter of credit is one that grants a primary beneficiary to transfer their credit due to a secondary beneficiary.

16-Jan 01:01Ex Works (EXW) Definition
Ex works (EXW) is a shipping arrangement in international trade where a seller makes goods available to a buyer, who then pays for transport costs.

16-Jan 00:26Market Risk Lurks
With volatility indexes trying to price in the risk of falling prices, precious metals prices pop, with palladium seeing demand.

15-Jan 22:00Fidelity Investments Is Investing in Women in More Ways Than One
Fidelity knows that hiring and retaining women at all stages of their careers is essential.

15-Jan 16:103 Charts Suggest Cybersecurity Stocks Are Headed Higher
With geopolitical tensions raising concerns about cyber threats, the underlying demand for cybersecurity solutions is increasing.

15-Jan 15:03Form W-2: Understanding Your W-2 Form
Form W-2 reports an employee's annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from their paycheck. Here's why you need a W-2 and how it is used.

15-Jan 14:02OrganiGram Stock Soars After Hours on Strong Earnings
OrgraniGram reported better-than-expected first quarter financial results, but the cannabis industry still faces a number of headwinds.

15-Jan 13:463 Charts That Suggest US Telecom Stocks Are Headed Higher
The roll-out of the next generation of wireless network technology could be a catalyst. Chart patterns show signs of confirmation.

15-Jan 12:29Where 2019 Left Off
As the Nasdaq maintains last year's trajectory, Netflix is poised for gains ahead of earnings. Will housing demand decline in 2020?

15-Jan 04:19Unbundling Definition
Unbundling is the process by which a company with several lines of business retains core businesses while selling off subsidiaries, product lines and/or assets.

15-Jan 03:36How Netflix Is Changing the TV Industry
From its beginnings, Netflix has been a disruptor. Now, its popular streaming service is forcing the television industry to adapt or die trying.

15-Jan 03:29How Much U.S. Debt Does China Own?
China owns more than $1 trillion in U.S. debt. That's about as much as Japan owns, and represents about 5% of the total debt.

15-Jan 02:424 Best Credit Cards for Military Veterans for 2020
Discover the four best credit cards for veterans, including the programs with the best rewards, points for dining out, and gas purchases.

12-Sep 17:40United Therapeutics' Trevyent NDA for PAH Accepted by FDA
United Therapeutics Corporation s UTHR new drug application for its drug device combination product Trevyent was accepted for review by the FDA The FDA is expected to give its decision on Trevyent NDA on Apr 27 2020 Trevyent is a single use pre filled pump that has been developed

12-Sep 17:39Is the Options Market Predicting a Spike in CannTrust (CTST) Stock?
Investors in CannTrust Holdings Inc CTST need to pay close attention to the stock based on moves in the options market lately That is because the Oct 18 2019 2 50 Put had some of the highest implied volatility of all equity options today What is Implied Volatility Implied

12-Sep 17:39Implied Volatility Surging for JPMorgan (JPM) Stock Options
Investors in JPMorgan Chase amp Co JPM need to pay close attention to the stock based on moves in the options market lately That is because the Sep 20 2019 60 00 Put had some of the highest implied volatility of all equity options today What is Implied Volatility Implied

12-Sep 17:395 Value Stocks for the Great Stock Rotation
0 20 Value Stocks On A Rally 3 50 Remembering Benjamin Grahams Tips For Value Investing 7 00 Stock Screener and Tracey Top Stock Picks 21 15 Episode Roundup ADS AGI CSIQ HRI NRG Welcome to Episode 158 of the Value Investor Podcast Every week

12-Sep 17:39Are Options Traders Betting on a Big Move in Revolve (RVLV) Stock?
Investors in Revolve Group Inc RVLV need to pay close attention to the stock based on moves in the options market lately That is because the Sep 20 2019 22 50 Call had some of the highest implied volatility of all equity options today What is Implied Volatility Implied

12-Sep 17:35Where ESG Investing is Thriving
New York If you asked almost anyone in the industry the answer would be the same it is Millennials with whom ESG investing is very popular we just can t get older generations to care However that is not exactly true While Millennials get most of the credit for

12-Sep 17:35A Big Stock Worth a Big Bet
New York One of the biggest stocks in the country is sitting relatively unloved and appears ready for an investment That stock Bank of America only the biggest deposit holder in the US The single most important thing to recognize about the bank is that is a well

12-Sep 17:35S&P 500 Analyst Moves: NCLH
The latest tally of analyst opinions from the major brokerage houses shows that among the components of the S amp P 500 index Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings NCLH is now the 17 analyst pick moving up by 1 spot This rank is formed by averaging the analyst opinions for each

12-Sep 17:35ON Semiconductor (ON) Shares Cross Above 200 DMA
In trading on Thursday shares of ON Semiconductor Corp Symbol ON crossed above their 200 day moving average of 19 88 changing hands as high as 20 09 per share ON Semiconductor Corp shares are currently trading up about 0 5 on the day The chart below shows the one year performance of

12-Sep 17:34The Best Way to Play the End of the Trade War
New York So let s say you are in the bullish camp and think the US China trade spat will be resolved soon What is the best way to profit from that development All stocks will likely rise and bond yields will probably rise too But where will the best gains be How

12-Sep 17:34Top Buys by Top Brass: CEO Harty's $420.2K Bet on MDP
A company s own top management tend to have the best inside view into the business so when company officers make major buys investors are wise to take notice Presumably the only reason an insider would take their hard earned cash and use it to buy stock of their company in the open market

12-Sep 16:35ADSK Makes Bullish Cross Above Critical Moving Average
In trading on Thursday shares of Autodesk Inc Symbol ADSK crossed above their 200 day moving average of 155 21 changing hands as high as 159 88 per share Autodesk Inc shares are currently trading up about 0 7 on the day The chart below shows the one year performance of ADSK shares

12-Sep 16:34Bullish Two Hundred Day Moving Average Cross - OSB
In trading on Thursday shares of Norbord Inc Symbol OSB crossed above their 200 day moving average of 25 01 changing hands as high as 25 06 per share Norbord Inc shares are currently trading off about 0 6 on the day The chart below shows the one year performance of OSB shares versus

12-Sep 16:34Icahn Enterprises Enters Oversold Territory
The DividendRank formula at Dividend Channel ranks a coverage universe of thousands of dividend stocks according to a proprietary formula designed to identify those stocks that combine two important characteristics strong fundamentals and a valuation that looks inexpensive

12-Sep 16:34Relative Strength Alert For DXC Technology
The DividendRank formula at Dividend Channel ranks a coverage universe of thousands of dividend stocks according to a proprietary formula designed to identify those stocks that combine two important characteristics strong fundamentals and a valuation that looks inexpensive DXC

11-Sep 13:34Late Rally Stretches Dow Winning Streak to 5 Days
SPECIAL ALERT The September episode of the Zacks Ultimate Strategy Session is now available for viewing Tune in to this must see event when Kevin Matras Kevin Cook John Blank PhD Tracey Ryniec Neena Mishra CFA FRM and Sheraz Mian discuss the investment landscape from several

11-Sep 12:36This Common Spending Habit Could Potentially Ruin Your Retirement
When you re planning for retirement the bulk of the work is centered around saving during the years leading up to when you retire Many people then think that everything will be smooth sailing once they finally leave their job However it s equally important to consider how you

11-Sep 12:35How to Prepare for Retirement if Your Employer Doesn't Offer a 401(k)
A 401 k is most people s first choice for a retirement savings account because they can automate their contributions and their employer might chip in as well But for millions of workers this isn t an option Approximately 46 of workers don t have access to work related

11-Sep 12:35This Is the Only Smart Way to Use Credit Cards for Your Honeymoon
Travel for free with credit card points Credit cards make it easy to have a lavish honeymoon now and pay for it all later However coming back home to the reality of credit card debt isn t a great way to start off your marriage Most honeymooners should avoid using credit cards altogether

11-Sep 12:35Allergan's Filings for Abicipar Pegol Accepted in U.S/Europe
Allergan plc AGN and partner Molecular Partners announced that the filings for their long acting anti VEGF product abicipar pegol developed for the treatment of age related neovascular macular degeneration nAMD has been accepted for review by regulatory authorities in the United States

11-Sep 11:35The Changing Cannabis Narrative With Debra Borchardt
By The Cannabis Investing Podcast ByThe Cannabis Investing Podcast Listen on the go Subscribe to The Cannabis Investing Podcast on Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify and Stitcher Listen on the go Subscribe to

11-Sep 10:34Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc (RH) Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript
Image source The Motley Fool Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc NYSE RH Q2 160 2019 Earnings Call Sep 10 2019 5 00 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks

11-Sep 08:35Validea Motley Fool Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Small Cap Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Motley Fool This strategy looks for small cap growth stocks with solid fundamentals and strong price performance The following are today s upgrades for Validea sSmall Cap

11-Sep 08:35Validea Martin Zweig Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Growth Investor model based on the published strategy of Martin Zweig This strategy looks for growth stocks with persistent accelerating earnings and sales growth reasonable valuations and low debt The following are today s upgrades

11-Sep 08:34Validea Joseph Piotroski Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Book Market Investor model based on the published strategy of Joseph Piotroski This value quant strategy screens for high book to market stocks and then separates out financially sound firms by looking at a host of improving

11-Sep 08:34Validea John Neff Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Low PE Investor model based on the published strategy of John Neff This strategy looks for firms with persisten t earnings growth that trade at a discount relative to their earnings growth and dividend yield The following are today s

11-Sep 08:34Validea Joel Greenblatt Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Earnings Yield Investor model based on the published strategy of Joel Greenblatt This value model looks for companies with high return on capital and earnings yields The following are today s upgrades for Validea sEarnings Yield Investor

11-Sep 08:34Validea James P. O'Shaughnessy Strategy Daily Upgrade Report - 9/11/2019
The following are today s upgrades for Validea s Growth Value Investor model based on the published strategy of James P O Shaughnessy This two strategy approach offers a large cap value model and a growth approach that looks for persisten t earnings growth and strong relative strength

11-Sep 06:34Why It Pays To Look For "Picks And Shovels" Tech Stocks
Next time you re walking on the beach think about the sand beneath your feet and how much it s changed our world The most common constituent of sand is silica which is an oxide of silicon and silicon is a crucial component in microelectronics and computer chips Hence the

11-Sep 05:34Farmer Brothers (FARM) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript
Image source The Motley Fool Farmer Brothers NASDAQ FARM Q4 160 2019 Earnings Call Sep 10 2019 5 00 p m ET Contents Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks Operator

11-Sep 05:34Late Rally Stretches Dow Winning Streak to 5 Days
SPECIAL ALERT The September episode of the Zacks Ultimate Strategy Session is now available for viewing Tune in to this must see event when Kevin Matras Kevin Cook John Blank PhD Tracey Ryniec Neena Mishra CFA FRM and Sheraz Mian discuss the investment landscape from several

10-Sep 07:09By The Numbers: How Tariffs On Airpods & Apple Watch Impacts Apple's Profits
Bloomberg reported that Apple s 160 AAPL Airpods Apple Watch some Beats headphones and HomePod face a 15 tariff in the United States starting from Sunday Sept 1 marking the first time Apple will see a direct impact of the escalating trade war between the U S and China We believe it

10-Sep 07:09What To Make of Roche's Drugs With $21 Billion In Sales Nearing Patent Expiry?
Roche Holding s 160 RHHBY 160 key blockbuster drugs Herceptin and Avastin will lose their market exclusivity in 2019 while another blockbuster drug Rituxan has already lost its exclusivity These three drugs are important for Roche as they generate 21 billion in annual

10-Sep 07:09Why Home Depot's Share Climbed 1.6x In 3 Years
Home Depot s HD stock price has increased more than 1 6x from 134 share in August 2016 to 220 share in August 2019 The increase was primarily driven by a continuous increase in Total Revenue Net Income margin and the buyback of shares Revenue growth and margin increase are expected

10-Sep 07:09How Much Is Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Deleveraging Program Expected To Add To Its EPS?
Anheuser Busch InBev BUD is expected to see a 30 billion cumulative reduction in its total debt by 2020 from its highs of 2016 At this stage it would be interesting for the investors to know how much are they gaining out of the company s focus on reducing debt Anheuser Busch InBev

10-Sep 07:08Oasis Should Help Paychex's Revenue Cross $4 Billion This Year
Paychex s PAYX total revenue for fiscal 2019 ending May grew 12 year over year to 3 8 billion while adjusted EPS grew by 4 to 2 86 as the company continued to witness strong momentum in its human resource HR solutions administrative services and solid sales performance

10-Sep 07:08Goldman's H1'19 M&A Advisory Fees Jump 20% To $1.7 Billion Even As Peers Report A Decline
Goldman Sachs GS is a leading global financial services firm with offices in over 30 countries It is a market leader in the global mergers amp acquisitions M amp A advisory space and has maintained its leadership position in terms of total M amp A fees for 33 consecutive quarters

10-Sep 07:08Why Is Urban Outfitters Worth 30% Less Than American Eagle Outfitters, Despite Being More Profitable?
Urban Outfitters 160 URBN and American Eagles Outfitters 160 AEO are two apparel companies that have similar business models and are similar in size Strong digital sales and an increasing focus on women s apparel have helped these companies achieve steady growth over recent

10-Sep 07:08How Uber's Losses Compare With Amazon's Losses In Its Early Years
Ride hailing major Uber UBER indicated that it wants to be the Amazon of transportation targeting a wide range of transportation services In this analysis we take a look at how Uber s financials and losses compared with Amazon s in its early years While Uber was founded in 2009 we

10-Sep 07:08McDonald's-US vs Dunkin' Donuts-US
McDonald s MCD 160 is an American chain of quick service restaurants It operates and franchises McDonald s restaurants which serve a locally relevant menu of quality food and beverages in more than 100 countries The restaurants offer a substantially uniform menu although there

10-Sep 07:08Bristol-Myers Squibb's Revenues: How Does Bristol-Myers Squibb Make Money?
Bristol Myers Squibb 160 BMY generates its revenue from sales of pharmaceuticals drugs for various therapeutic areas including cardiovascular virology oncology and immunology In this note we discuss the company s business segments 160 their historical performance and our

10-Sep 07:08iQiyi's Swelling Revenue Share Will Drive Baidu's Stock Over Coming Years
Baidu s 160 BIDU stock has fallen from an all time high of over 280 a share roughly a year ago to around 100 due to a combination of slowing economic conditions in China continuing headwinds from the U S China trade war as well as a sharp decline in Baidu s core search related

10-Sep 07:08Can Walgreens' Revenues Reach $150 Billion By 2021?
Walgreens Boots Alliance WBA is one of the largest pharmacy chains globally which sells both prescription and non prescription drugs through its retail stores Further it also provides pharmacy services like prescription fulfillment through mail order telephone and Internet The end

10-Sep 07:08How Does Nvidia Make Money?
Nvidia 160 NVDA 160 generates its revenue primarily from sales of graphic processor units GPUs Its largest segment is GPU which accounted for 87 of total revenues in fiscal 2019 while the other segment Tegra Processors contributed 13 to the top line In this note we discuss

10-Sep 07:08Roku's Rapid Growth Compares Favorably With Netflix In Its Early Years
Roku 160 ROKU stock is up by about 4x over 2019 driven by its rapidly expanding software platform business which sells advertising and streaming video content Much like Netflix Roku has benefited from the acceleration of cord cutting and the pivot toward streaming services However

10-Sep 07:07The investing implications of UK political upheaval
We identified geopolitical risk as the key market driver in the second half of 2019 in our midyear investment outlook The UK is the latest example where deep divisions over a potential Brexit have unsettled the political landscape paving the way for a broader set of potential outcomes

09-Sep 03:06Here's Why Zoetis Gained 10% in August
What happened Shares of Zoetis NYSE ZTS jumped 10 last month according to data from S amp P Global Market Intelligence The animal health leader reported solid second quarter and first half 2019 operating results that reflected strength from recent product launches

09-Sep 02:06Telkom Indonesia Calls Up 5.5% Sales Growth Based on 6% Fewer Customers
Telekomunikasi Indonesia NYSE TLK also known as Telkom Indonesia reported second quarter results July 31 The largest telecommunications company in Indonesia posted single digit revenue growth and 60 higher earnings despite a 6 smaller subscriber base Telkom Indonesia

09-Sep 02:06Here's Why Myriad Genetics Dropped 19.2% in August
What happened Shares of Myriad Genetics NASDAQ MYGN fell more than 19 last month according to data from S amp P Global Market Intelligence The stock shot out of the gate with a more than 50 gain after it quietly disclosed through a regulatory filing

09-Sep 02:06Here's Why Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Rose 17.6% in August
What happened Shares of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ ARWR gained over 17 last month according to data from S amp P Global Market Intelligence The biopharma reported operating results through the first nine months of fiscal 2019 which were surprisingly good for