Trader Personal Assistant

About Us

We are part-time retail traders who use this tool ourselves and believe that every trader should have such easy access to the same analytical information that is available to the professional trader. We started TraderPA for this purpose and we want to provide this FREE as much as it is possible by keeping the site up through advertisements.

Even though we have our own professional work outside of trading, we are doing our best to keep the data as current and accurate as best we can. We welcome any feedback or comments on how we can improve our tool and we will get back to you as soon as convenient. Please share this with your friends and feel free to contact us for any advertisement opportunities.

Your Ultimate Tool for Trading The Seasons

Central to our strong commitment and dedication to share our expertise and analysis of market data, TraderPA aims to give investors and traders the facility and advantage that has only been available to major institutions and research bodies in the market. This desire and passion led to the creation of the ultimate scanning tool necessary to execute powerful and extensive market data analytics in the most effortless and simplest manner possible.

In the history of the market, TraderPA discovered that, just as the four seasons of the year, there is also an undeniably reliable cycle and seasonal nature of movements in individual stocks, sectors, industries and money flow within. This indicates that there is an opportunity to use this data for developing safe and profitable techniques based on the reliability of such patterns that will benefit investors and traders. With this discovery, TraderPA founders built a stock scanning tool that will arm you, the trader or investor with the right information to trade or invest with confidence and accomplish your financial goals. This has brought us to our most coveted functions which include:

  • Seasonal Visualisation Scanners: Shows how any given index, sector, industry or stock is going to perform on any given day/week of the year based on probability and percentage movement. With this information, you can postulate the movements of any given stock for any day/week with a level of certainty.
  • Sector and Stock Scanner: Shows the sector and stock that will be performing against a set of probability criteria in a given week. With this information, you can postulate which sector/stock is very bullish or bearish as compared to peers to set up your positions to take advantage of the expected movement.
  • Stock Rating Scanner: Shows the stock rating for any US stock so you can derive their fundamental health.
  • Market Flow Visualisation: Shows the money flow between sectors, industries and the top stocks over a period. With this information, you can postulate which sector, industry or stock is attracting interest from institutions and market movers, or which is losing its lustre. Follow the smart/big money.

Please refer to Help for a more instructive breakdown of how to use this tool effectively for your trades.

There you have it! TraderPA is your trading personal assistant that does the research work and data collection, analysis and visualization for you so you could then perform your due diligence before opening a trade or investment position. So leave the hard work to us while you perform all your thinking and planning for your investment or trade with the information at your finger tips. We basically want to free up the trader to do what they love most. Trade!